Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Wow, God sent a whole typhoon so that we could meet that one person!"

'm glad I get to write you every week too! It's nice the technology we have here.
Oh no! Are you ok mom? Take care of yourself!

So this week was great!
I was on splits with a brand new missionary and we had a typhoon and it was raining like crazy! But we went out searching for a referral that was a little bit up Moiwa Mountain. When we got there no one was home and so we just stood there on the porch for a second looking at the rain and a guy came buy and asked us what we were doing. We told him and he said the person in the house we were at had moved. But he invited us in to warm up and told us that the real reason he invited us in was because he thought it would be a good chance to hear about God...Wow! He gave us yogurt and we talked about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and made a return appointment. Afterwards my temporary companion said "Wow, God sent a whole typhoon so that we could meet that one person!" =D apparently he had been visited by missionaries and turned them down before but because we looked cold he let us in :) great day.

We've also been meeting frequently with our grandmother investigator that is getting baptized in 2 weeks and she's progressing nicely with a new gained hope for the future.

The time is flying by so fast here! It's weird to think that me and my doki (people who came to japan at the same time) are the leaders of the mission now. It's really fun though. We had an inter-zone conference last week and taught a workshop on basic finding for everyone. There are so many young missionaries!  But it was really fun :) I'm learning so much!

We have a lot of handwarmers in Hokkaido. They call the Kairo. We have a ton! And we used them all last winter :) I might go buy a small pair of liner gloves soon though. It's gotten pretty cold.

Someone reminded me that scholarships may start soon and I'm not sure when, but I'm allowed to do that kind of stuff on P-day if there is anything. If you could give that a look for me I would be grateful! 
You're already preparing for camp next year? Wow. That's pretty fast! Is there a spot for me? :P 

Alright, well I'll talk to you again next week! 
Love you! Bye Bye!

Elder Sotto (Tall and less and less skinny everyday :P I'm doing lots of push ups!)

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