Tuesday, October 29, 2013

JAL: Apparently From Alaska to Utah to Hawaii is called Route "Joseph" and the way back is call "Smith"

Dear Family,I  Went up the ropeway for Mt. Moiwa Today and met a guy from Hawaii! I asked him in Japanese to take our picture and he was like "Hey, I don speak japanese man." haha. It was really weird hearing a hawaiin accent :P haha. His nephew is a bishop in Hawaii. He's not a member though.
  I've actually been thinking it would be fun to go to BYU Hawaii! I don't know if I actually want to but I can see myself going!  I would still have to do one semester is Provo I think though. I just need to choose a path and study and work hard. Don't worry about me. Nantoka naru desho (Things will work out!)

Thanks for your story mom! I really have felt the power of prayer lately too.
But the think I've felt the most lately is the power of the Priesthood. God truly speaks and works through us to bless his children and it's amazing to me that we are counted worthy to hold his priesthood.

I don't have a ton of time because I have a Baptismal interview to do soon! It's the friend of someone who recently got baptized and he wants to get baptized too :) It's great!

I'll tell you the coolest thing I heard this week.

So we found an less active memeber that works at the airport and apparently the airports uses a lot of church words for routs. Apparently From Alaska to Utah to Hawaii is called Route "Joseph" and the way back is call "Smith" :P Also, There is one called Monson and Mormon as well. The lights on the flight line are called the 12 apostles and there are a ton of other. Landing is called Laman  and take off is called Lemuel! It was so cool hearing all of this! This less active member was really active in sharing the gospel as well haha. What a cool guy.

Ok, well I gotta go! I'll talk to you again next week! I may be transfered by then! 

Love you! Bye Bye!!!!

Elder Sotto!

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